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  • ♕ Marina ♕

    ♕ Marina ♕

    ☯AligningKarma (FOMO)|☢Xperimenting UX, User Research🌠|🎆Living Present| Let´it Flow|🎨Heuristics|🎎Ooom|

  • Lucas Modolo Szewczyk

    Lucas Modolo Szewczyk

    UX Designer, São Paulo.

  • tathabbai pakalapati

    tathabbai pakalapati

  • gravity well (Rob Tomlin)

    gravity well (Rob Tomlin)

    Self-Employed Software Developer, Trainer, Consultant. Keeping up to date. I’ve noticed in over 28 years of programming, one’s current skills have a shelf life.

  • Michelle Lù

    Michelle Lù

    五百擊;寫一切關於你我存在的兩個城市的故事。 訂閱:每一天的生活 Daily Michelle 電子報 http://bit.ly/2Z7jW9i 收聽:Podcast頻道 — the GG show http://bit.ly/3rG3Cs5

  • jamie turpin

    jamie turpin

  • Paco Montero Arranz

    Paco Montero Arranz

    Ingeniero Industrial. UXplorer, en fase de inmersión en el mundo UX/UI. Fui Profesor de Secundaria 21 años. Puedes encontrarme en pacomonterouxplorer.com

  • Hironori Matsuno

    Hironori Matsuno

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